Someone has to run the club

Inmates running the asylum?  No further evidence than Ropes everywhere.  Not only is this embarassing, it’s an eyesore.

But the members will just drive wherever they want, it’s the only solution.

No, thirty day suspensions eliminate ropes.

Leadership is hard, unless you love the alternative.


Liking, following, meet frying pan

Follow lots of people/blogs, and like their posts…and they’ll like your stuff, follow you back and wa la(!) instant ‘brand’ awareness.  

Earth to common sense: following 10,000 people to get 7,000 or whatever your magic number is…makes you fake popular.

You want to build a ‘brand’ (you, your course, your firm): CREATE GREAT CONTENT.

That’s the hard work.  

If everyone is clicking just like you, guess what?  You’re all white noise.