Still confused about club’s ignoring Birthdays?

Every birthday I get inundated with offers from restaurants I don’t pay $600 per month to be a member of…but nothing from my club?

Since few people eat alone on their birthdays, what is the real harm in giving your member a free lunch on his birthday?  What if it becomes a tradition…for twenty years?  

“I would love to meet you at such and such restaurant, but I enjoy going to the club on my birthday”.

A $6-7 (your cost) meal to make a person feel special…why, you could even take a picture of the member eating and share it on Facebook where 500 other people will see it.

Quit thinking of ideas like “free birthday lunch” as a drain.  It’s marketing.  It’s member retention.  It’s a nice thing to do.  And really, when 12 other offers are jamming your members mail box, but they hear nothing from the club — that’s pure laziness.

Happy Birthday!


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