Your Facebook page still sucks

Do you ever look at your Facebook page and wonder why the content you post doesn’t get many views or likes?

If you look closely at what does get the most likes/views, you’ll see a common thread:  It’s people.

Facebook is and should be viewed as the FREE Digital Billboard for your club.  The difference in it and an actual billboard on the road is, you have to drive the traffic.

But how?

Step one:  Get your likes up.  If 2x your current membership or less is currently following your page, you’re doing it wrong.  You should have a minimum of 4x your membership.

But how could I get that many people to like us?

Do you host weddings?  Have a club representative take pictures along with the professionals.  Every bride will want every picture imaginable on their magical day.

Do you host outside events?  Tell everyone to like your page while doing announcements, have a random drawing for someone out of the group to win pro shop credit, a dinner…something of value.  You’ll have all of the participants names already so pick one, make sure they ‘liked’ you…the club wins.  Now you have an additional 70-100 people you didn’t have seeing your content.

Step two:  Post better content.  Don’t post a food special alone (a picture or flyer). Post a special of Sally eating the club sandwich with the 9 hole ladies.  Food + members + a group within the club = more attention.

Posting pictures of the 6th hole is great…better:  tag people that are playing the 6th hole on a beautiful sunny day.

Posting pictures of your pros is great.  Asking people to participate in the wine and dine is even better…but take it up a notch by showing pictures of people participating in the wine and dine.

Short videos, especially on instruction, by your golf professionals are very, very popular.

What about a quick video of your chef preparing a simple dish?

All pretty easy to do.

Step three:  Post more often.  If your Facebook strategy is ‘when we think about it’, it’s no wonder your likes and view are low.  Y0u should post something every day.  If the person in charge of your page can’t or doesn’t, find someone else that will and understands the importance of this medium.  Remember:  This is a billboard for the club and it costs nothing but time.

Step four:  Interact with the people that post.  The quicker and kinder the responses the better.

Step five:  Every now and again have a contest that only Facebook followers can win.  Free lunch.  Pro shop credit.  “Re-post this to have a chance to win…”.  Be creative, this will drive traffic to the club.



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