Food for thought #21

If your social media posting strategy consists of, ‘when we think about it’, don’t be surprised when turnout for events is low, membership engagement is mediocre, and few new members join.


How was your Masters party?

Before Spieth melted on #12 (Sunday), I did a random check of 50 clubs via Facebook.  As usual the results were embarrassing:

Zero clubs out of 50 had a ‘Masters special’ enticing members to come out for wings, beer, chips and dip.

One club out of 50 had a picture with their crowd in the 19th hole.

I’m a golf addict.  I watch nearly every Sunday finish from my home (in the garage) but would rather watch at the club.  What if, at least for big events and just for kicks, your club starting hosting Final Round specials to get a little extra traffic on Sundays?

You are already staffing the restaurant (fixed cost) from 3-7 pm, why not give your members a reason to stay after their round or come out to the club?